My 5th Post

Really enjoying the use of this webpage. Very handy.

By trentwhitworth

Pre Europe

Found out that I will be spending around 3 weeks in Europe. Going to get those great photos.

By trentwhitworth

Inspiration Image #2

London Eye

Purpose of Upload:

Great use of camera angle, ‘cool’ (Cold – Stands out of the colour blue) effect, lighting is all the same which creates harmony and unity and the central focal point is made as the lit up trees help focus the eye to the center of the London Eye.

Photo taken from London’s Little Black Book

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

By trentwhitworth

Inspiration Image #1

New York City (Big Apple)

Purpose of Upload:

The image below is the type of photo that I am inspired by as the use of black and white creates symbolic meanings, such as sadness or coldness. This is also an example of a great photo as it has a center point, moving from the sky, down to the ground and so on. This is the type and great style of motivation needed to be successful in the arts of photography.

 -Taken by Dan Callister.

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 2.27.17 PM

Welcome to my Blog

Hello my name is Trent Whitworth.

I’m a media student studying photojournalism and hopefully this blog represents the professional work that I do.