The Car Fanzine must have a rememberable logo and one that is relevant to the Fanzine.

Eg1: Apple is remembered not only due to their fantastic operating system (OSX), but thanks to its logo being so easily remembered as it is the shape of an Apple. The Black, Silver and White are the colours of sophistication and therefore suited Apple.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 5.04.53 PM

Eg2: Microsoft is remembered by their operating system, Windows. Their logo is a combination of four colours (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green (Primary Colours).

microsoft-logo_0Before microsoft-logo-iconAfter


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Fanzine – Target Market

What can Damon and I do, to make our Fanzine stand out in the crowd? Make the content relevant to every car enthusiast? Make the front cover explosive with good effects? Or just target one particular group within the car industry? Upon car enthusiasts their are other groups that follow under this heading. There are car lovers, car modifiers and those who only like cars. This Fanzine is for those who like cars and want to learn more about those people who tune cars so that they can be apart of the larger group. This Fanzine will publicise car TV shows like TopGear UK as this is the Number One car TV show to watch. The Fanzine shares similar aspects of the TopGear Magazine as the Fanzine is more for those who want to tune cars, and not only read up about cars. TopGear UK is the best car show and therefore has great tips for our Fanzine to become a success as we will be sharing some similarities with the best car show on Earth. There are so many other car magazines for sale, how ever the Fanzine will target ALL car enthusiasts. (These magazines include: Streetmachine)

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Caption: Essential to a photo, it helps make an image meaningful to the reader. Captions usually comprise of between 1 and 3 sentences and state the relevance and basic subject matter of a given photo.

Art: A photo, graphic or illustration is referred to as “art” by a fanzine designer.

Folio: Folio’s generally contain the magazine/fanzines name and issue date. small writing located at the bottom of one page or sometimes both pages.

Lead: Articles generally start with a “lead”, written and designed to engage the reader.

Gutter: The space between columns of an article.

Body: Most of the text in a piece of writing, usually in one font and size.

Pull-quote: Larger than captions, highlighted quote of a person or explanation of a photo used to capture the readers attention, and to gain and maintain interest.

Crop mark: Where the edge of the page lies, or trim of an image.

Grid: Amount of columns across the page.

Margin: Area of difference between the text and the edge of the page.

Sidebar: A small story that relates to the main text.

Credit: Giving credit to the author or creator of a text, often very small font near to any given media text.

Sub-headings: Used to break up large chunks of text and help the reader understand what will follow.

Measure: The width of a column or text.

Indent: Change in the measure.

Kicker: A label above the heading.

Leading: The space between the lines of a text, Generous lead can result in a page being open and inviting, on the other hand tight lead creates a serious and informative mood.


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Fanzine Log

Car Road Test = A short comparison of two similar cars suitable for modding. Compares their performance (Top Speed, Acceleration from 0-100KM/H, Torque),  handling (Cornering (G-Force), Suspension (Dampers and Camber Angles), value for money (Which is set at the most reasonable price for purchase).

Purchase and Selling Parts = The best online way to exchange car parts. (Bumpers, Suspension, Headlights, Turbo’s, Superchargers, Engine Blocks, Transmission (Gearbox), Wheels/Tyres/Rims, Brakes, Electronic Entertainment and Gadgets (GPS, Head-units, DVD players, Speakers (Subwoofers, Tweeters, 6″ and 6×9 Speakers) Window tints (Store or Second hand plastic applied).

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Fanzine Update

Aim: Target the Car enthusiasts who enjoy reading about Tuned Cars.

Explanation: This Fanzine will include a write up about various cars as a price difference and performance differences so that the audience can choose the better car. It will also include car parts for car modification and where to buy new and used cars.

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Personal Fanzine Task

Topic: Car (Tuned/Modified) Fanzine

Partner: Damon


  1. Car Photo-shoots (Brothers Car Photo-shoot company Stylin’ Productions)
  2. Car Reports/Road Tests for Enthusiasts (Short and to the Point)
  3. Car Purchase/Selling and Parts tips (With Advertisements eg: Carsales/Gumtree)

Stylin’ Productions Facebook Page

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.35.49 AM

Stylin’ Productions (Creator: Adam Whitworth) is a full on Car Club which people are allowed to have a photo-shoot with any car. Adam allocates a date and time, at any race track or at any other location that could make the cars stand out. He films and shoots cars at a price no more that $150 as the customer can also get an A3 poster of their car along with photos and a film dedicated to the event of which the car was located at.

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What is a Fanzine?

The dictionary states: A magazine, usually produced by amateurs, for fans of a particular performer, group, or form of entertainment.

Basically a Fanzine is a Magazine designed by Fans to show off what they are interested in, by creating their own magazine. These interests can be car enthusiasts, celebrities, garden care and home care (Renovations). In other words it is a magazine made by Fans who have a high interest in a topic. (Gaming, Comics, Collectors, Fashion, Film Industry). Fans do this for their passion for their interest.

Fan + Magazine = Fanzine

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