Personal Fanzine Task

Topic: Car (Tuned/Modified) Fanzine

Partner: Damon


  1. Car Photo-shoots (Brothers Car Photo-shoot company Stylin’ Productions)
  2. Car Reports/Road Tests for Enthusiasts (Short and to the Point)
  3. Car Purchase/Selling and Parts tips (With Advertisements eg: Carsales/Gumtree)

Stylin’ Productions Facebook Page

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.35.49 AM

Stylin’ Productions (Creator: Adam Whitworth) is a full on Car Club which people are allowed to have a photo-shoot with any car. Adam allocates a date and time, at any race track or at any other location that could make the cars stand out. He films and shoots cars at a price no more that $150 as the customer can also get an A3 poster of their car along with photos and a film dedicated to the event of which the car was located at.

By trentwhitworth