Fanzine Log

Car Road Test = A short comparison of two similar cars suitable for modding. Compares their performance (Top Speed, Acceleration from 0-100KM/H, Torque),  handling (Cornering (G-Force), Suspension (Dampers and Camber Angles), value for money (Which is set at the most reasonable price for purchase).

Purchase and Selling Parts = The best online way to exchange car parts. (Bumpers, Suspension, Headlights, Turbo’s, Superchargers, Engine Blocks, Transmission (Gearbox), Wheels/Tyres/Rims, Brakes, Electronic Entertainment and Gadgets (GPS, Head-units, DVD players, Speakers (Subwoofers, Tweeters, 6″ and 6×9 Speakers) Window tints (Store or Second hand plastic applied).

By trentwhitworth