Caption: Essential to a photo, it helps make an image meaningful to the reader. Captions usually comprise of between 1 and 3 sentences and state the relevance and basic subject matter of a given photo.

Art: A photo, graphic or illustration is referred to as “art” by a fanzine designer.

Folio: Folio’s generally contain the magazine/fanzines name and issue date. small writing located at the bottom of one page or sometimes both pages.

Lead: Articles generally start with a “lead”, written and designed to engage the reader.

Gutter: The space between columns of an article.

Body: Most of the text in a piece of writing, usually in one font and size.

Pull-quote: Larger than captions, highlighted quote of a person or explanation of a photo used to capture the readers attention, and to gain and maintain interest.

Crop mark: Where the edge of the page lies, or trim of an image.

Grid: Amount of columns across the page.

Margin: Area of difference between the text and the edge of the page.

Sidebar: A small story that relates to the main text.

Credit: Giving credit to the author or creator of a text, often very small font near to any given media text.

Sub-headings: Used to break up large chunks of text and help the reader understand what will follow.

Measure: The width of a column or text.

Indent: Change in the measure.

Kicker: A label above the heading.

Leading: The space between the lines of a text, Generous lead can result in a page being open and inviting, on the other hand tight lead creates a serious and informative mood.


By trentwhitworth

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