Fanzine – Target Market

What can Damon and I do, to make our Fanzine stand out in the crowd? Make the content relevant to every car enthusiast? Make the front cover explosive with good effects? Or just target one particular group within the car industry? Upon car enthusiasts their are other groups that follow under this heading. There are car lovers, car modifiers and those who only like cars. This Fanzine is for those who like cars and want to learn more about those people who tune cars so that they can be apart of the larger group. This Fanzine will publicise car TV shows like TopGear UK as this is the Number One car TV show to watch. The Fanzine shares similar aspects of the TopGear Magazine as the Fanzine is more for those who want to tune cars, and not only read up about cars. TopGear UK is the best car show and therefore has great tips for our Fanzine to become a success as we will be sharing some similarities with the best car show on Earth. There are so many other car magazines for sale, how ever the Fanzine will target ALL car enthusiasts. (These magazines include: Streetmachine)

By trentwhitworth