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Final Feature Article and Business Plan and Evaluation

Feature Article for “MAX SPEED” fanzine/magazine

Man behind the magic by Damon Keizer

Earlier this year, on March 8 in 2013, the western Australian car scene was greatly assisted with the birth of Stylin’ Productions.

This Perth based Organisation aims to not only contribute to the continuous photography and filming of automobile events and occasions, but also focuses on modelling and life imagery, as well as taking a modern approach to dealing with clients.

Like any company or group, hard work, and leadership is essential. Adam Whitworth has undertaken the role of management over Stylin’ Productions. He is in charge of the Facebook page, used to promote, and keep fans informed with upcoming events and projects, whilst showcasing the brilliant variety of photos and videos displaying the classic automobile culture surrounding Western Australia. Adam, as the only photographer in the team, is responsible for arranging and performing various photo-shoots (of cars and models), on average every 2 days.

“From an early aged I had an extreme fascination with cars, and I guess from there my passion grew and lead me to where I am today”

From the 3rd to 6th of October, Perth experienced its 44th annual power cruise event, held at Barbagallo raceway. The event is described as a cruising car show, were automobile enthusiasts can cruise around the tracks showing off their favourite pieces of metal. Adam was required to film all the action, which he does every year. On the average weekend, Adam will still work on photo-shoots, along with promoting car events.

It is individuals such as Adam Whitworth, which keep the car scene in a place such as Perth, thriving, and growing. It is not just the contributions of Stylin’ Productions to clients, and the wider automobile community, but also the tremendous efforts of Adam, which sustain the incredible lifestyle and culture that surrounds cars.


The Business Plan

After much thought and consideration the business plan for ” MAX SPEED” magazine is completed.


Trent and I plan to sell a fanzine that captures, and serves to promote the local automobile industry, in Perth Western Australia, and we plan to sell it to anyone that is interested in cars and the lifestyle behind them. Saying that, our target audience could range from 8 year old boys and girls to 90 year old men and women, simply because there is only one factor that will introduce them to our fanzine- their love of cars. Our potential customers will typically be car enthusiasts, although our fanzine will interact greater with individuals who actually have cars of their own, as they share our passion. We plan to reach them through social media: designing a Facebook page that keeps fans informed of our upcoming work and projects, and new magazines. In addition, we will sell our fanzine for a small price over the counter at local car stores e.g. action motors. These selling strategies will serve to raise awareness amongst car enthusiasts in the early days of our Fanzine. As far as myself and my partner are aware, we are the only local-based fanzine which is directed towards the automobile industry, so we should have no trouble with competitors, especially when attempting to sell our fanzine in car-related stores in the Western Australian region.


For promoting, a Facebook page will be very effective, as it has the ability to accurately show the exact amount of likes our organization has received, which gives us an idea of the amount of fans we have collected. Also, our posts can easily be shared and exposed to people who are not even following our fanzine. Of course this page is free to create, making it a very friendly option for promotion of our fanzine. Trent and I will try to establish an effective relationship with local car shops and organizations, so we can sell our product over their counter, as a way to quickly, and directly reach our audience/subculture, as everyone at a car shop will be interested in our product to a certain extent. Getting our fellow car enthusiasts to advertise our product may be difficult, but it may be possible to allow the chosen company to receive 100% of the profits gained from our fanzine, as a suitable compensation for the free advertising of our product. Although this may at first be costly, it will establish a strong base for our cause. In the future, a phone application, or possibly a website could be made to further the promotion of Max Speed.


For the first 6 months of our Fanzine’s life, we will sell it for $2.00. As it is fairly small, and we have not yet created a significant brand or reputation in the community, we believe this is a fair price. After our Fanzine becomes more successful, it will be necessary that we raise the price, and also the amount of content, to ensure we begin to make profit, as well as satisfying the interests of our customers.


The tools we employ to sell our product are imperative to the success of our fanzine. Myself and my partner strive for a fanzine that will “sell itself”, meaning creating a product that is aesthetically wholesome and visually appealing. The front cover is hence of great importance, as it will hopefully capture the attention of car enthusiasts, leading them to buy the magazine. with our front covers we will try and keep them fairly simple, as to not overwhelm viewers. Initially, presentation aspects of our cause will be handled by mainly Trent and I, but once, and only if our fanzine gains popularity and profit, we will begin to assess our options for another person to take control over presentation.


We intend to run and conduct our business majority from home and school, as we believe there is no immediate need for us to re-locate, or go out of our way to produce our fanzine, as all of the required materials necessary are available from home and school. If we have to, we can always go to shops to purchase desired items that we will then use is a home or school environment. As both Trent and I attend school, and are at home the majority of our lives, working from school and home will be easy, and allows for flexible operative hours. No modifications, at this time are necessary.


As previously discussed, there is no urgency to employ people for fulfilling certain roles that may be staffed, as our fanzine is not popular enough for a greater team size to be fulfilled. However, areas that may need to be staffed once the awareness of our product amongst the community increases, and our popularity grows are fields such as editing, photographing, researchers and Facebook/website/app administrators. But as previously mentioned we do not have to employ people to do the work that Trent and I are comfortably capable of completing, as it is costly, and simply a waste of our valuable resources. an employment option, that may be available in the future, could be to, for example, employ an individuals skill, for not a wage, but a reasonable advertisement opportunity in our fanzine.


With the use of an app, website, and Facebook page, technologically, productivity is greatly enhanced, as we  have a very effective and productive way of reaching our fans almost instantly, and in most cases it is free. clearly this is an advantageous method, which Trent and I will strive to utilize with our Fanzine. Strong communication between Trent and my self is obviously pivotal to the success of our work, as we need to agree or at least conform to certain major, and even minor alterations and decisions to our cause and product. Poor communication between us will be detrimental to the success and effectiveness of our efforts.


Max Speed aims to produce a fanzine bi-monthly, meaning we will have an issue that will come out every 2 months (jan-feb, march-april editions and so on). Ideally, the Zine will be available on the first day of the month following the edition period. For example our january/february edition, will be made available to the public on the first of March. In saying this, our product will be produced, as a whole, 6 times a year. photography jobs and advertisement details will vary depending on the content we are working on, but as a rough guide we will shoot, and hence advertise most weekend. And continually attend, or possibly sponsor local car events, as it will be a way we can directly link our cause to the automobile Industry, and car enthusiasts. It is not net foreseeable the cost of creation of the fanzine, but so far we can conclude next to no money has been spent, so if we were, in theory, to maintain the same intensity of production for a whole year the cost will be 0, of course this is taken into consideration our first fanzine has not been finalized yet.


Fanzines can be defined as magazines which follow the “by the people, for the people” principle, where the interests of the producers, and creators are directly linked, and mirrored by the fans of the magazine. Traditionally, they are very minor in cost, and are not made to make extreme profit or to result in fame or fortune. Trent and I strongly agree with this, as we aim to not produce the fanzine for our own personal gain or profit, but the gain of the Western Australian car scene. In saying this, we will be content with continuos production of our fanzine, as long as it is economically viable, and sustainable to us. We could have no profits for the first year, but if we are not losing money, the automotive community in W.A is growing, and we are enjoying ourselves and what we are doing, we will be happy with our Fanzine.


Trent Whitworth

Media Fanzine – Max Speed

 1.    I am extremely proud of the ending result of the Fanzine task, as I believe Damon I worked exceptionally well together. With that in mind, it has to be said that Final product could have been improved by making the appearance of an actual magazine, however, due the fact that I don’t and couldn’t find the correct method of creating a magazine I have at least made the Fanzine appear, somewhat like a magazine, with the use of double siding all ten pages. In the end it is still, to my eye, the best job that I could manage, and am therefore proud to hand it in to be assessed. The Feature Article and Business Plan, completed and edited by myself, has also become a great success. This was mostly Damon in the spotlight as it was mostly completed by him, whist I was busy with the final Fanzine product. I hinted and guided the end result as I took inspiration to the TopGear UK magazine.

2.    All of the plans, notes and designs are clear and therefore useful to consider when creating and making way to the final process of the Fanzine. Every image, every bit of text, is used to explain the meaning and define the message and purpose of the Fanzine through its connection to the topic. This is clearly seen as for an example the drawn image of a car has a huge purpose to a car magazine. The context of the production is also shown through the use of techniques displayed in each sketch.

3.    Looking at element and principles of design, we can see great use of curved and straight lines, indicating the connection to both genders and also the use of colours indicate the type of targeted audience. Moving away from the design elements and principles, we can still see the connection to the target audience by the depths of the use of cars, stylish coupes for the younger generation and older station wagons from the late 70s.

4.    The use of this Evaluation makes and sums up every detail in some paragraphs, which is very helpful to direct the message across if it was not clear, which in this case, was always.

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Final Version of Fanzine

How will it be printed?

-Double sided

-Laminated pages

-Double sided and Laminated pages


How will it be presented?

-Basic staples

-Magazine glue

-Ring binded

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