Differences between Mainstream Cinema and Art House Cinema

Mainstream Cinema: eg: James Bond films

Art House Cinema: eg: Fiji

Narrative: The plot or narrative of the Art House film may be more complicated to understand as compared to a Mainstream film.

Length: Typical mainstream length of 90 mins to 2hrs or 3hrs. An art house film can vary in length from minutes to several hours.

Celebrity Appearances: “Hollywood Celebrities” are featured in mainstream films, whilst art house films focus on one or two main characters who are not closely recognised.

Cost/Value: Mainstream cinema is made for a profit and is tied to, distribution. Art house cinema is created usually for an aesthetic/artistic value.

Commercial: People invest money into mainstream cinema, in the hope of getting some profit. As it has a huge budget. Art house films usually have a low budget and minimal people investing, closer to nothing.

Mainstream films open in multiplex’s cinema complexes are for BIG films on huge screens and audio, blasting through several speakers eg: Hoyts in Carousel and Garden City and other places. Art house films feature in “pop up cinemas” which take place on an empty rooftop carpark. The income for these places usually involves one or two major hollywood film, to draw attention and to make profit. This type of cinema entertainment is based on a seasonal rotation, so popularity will drop and rise at certain times a year, mostly high in summer.

By trentwhitworth

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