Film Noir

Answer the following, relating to the videos watched on stage3media – Film Noir

Between which years were Film Noir films made?

 Most common from the late 1930s to early 1960s. However some films around the 80s-90s were developed with the Film Noir style, and even some in the present times, but is limited compared to the past.

Which country does Film Noir exemplify? Why?

America, as Film Noir originated after the Great Depression, through the Second World War and up to the Cold War.

Film Noir is the “son” of which film movement?  Why would someone make this statement?

The impact of German Expressionist lighting was brought to bear by the large number of German and East Europeans working in Hollywood: Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder, Otto Preminger, Robert Siodmak to name a few.” Film Noir is the ‘son’ or newer/latest generation of german expressionism (the father). This statement was made as german expressionism is revealed though Film Noir, hence the ‘relationship’ of ‘father and son’.

List some of the elements of Film Noir.

-German Expressionism – the dark side to life and humanity

-A dangerous woman

-Urban setting


-Male Characters with cigars


-Small lighting to create shadows and give the dark sense of fear and danger

-Fog and steam

-Clenching Audio

-Low camera angles and Wide camera shots

What is the difference between “emotional realism” & “crime realism”?

Emotional Realism – “A representational quality in a narrative that is felt to be ‘true-to-life’ by audiences in terms of the enactment of recognizable subjective experiences.

Crime Realism – Criminal association in society based on real events.

In film what elements make for “style”?

-A filmmakers worldview enables him/her to produce their own style through:

-A custom set/setting

-Light angles

-Camera angles / Camera shots


“Film Noir is not a genre.” Explain this statement.

Film Noir is not a genre, but a style that filmmakers are able to produce a specialty that is similar to other films, but with its own ‘flare’ (something that stands out more than other film noir films, but that shares the same elements).

“Working within the limits of the production code.”  Explain this.

The Motion Picture Production Code was the set of industry moral censorship guidelines that governed the production of most United States motion pictures released by major studios from 1930 to 1968. It is also popularly known as the Hays Code, after Hollywood’s chief censor of the time, Will H. Hays.”

What is the “femme fatale”?

The “femme fatale” is a female lead character who has a mysterious past and a dangerous air to her. Often this woman is pictured as an idealized woman who bewitches and corrupts a male character, making him carry out crimes with her due to her sexual desire from flirting and seducing them.

How could you label Chris Nolan’s film “Momento”?

This 2000/2001 (release date is dependent on the country) film is relatable to the style, film noir as the same concept is applied. The same techniques are used, the main difference is that Momento is in colour, not black and white. The evil of death (murder), crime and paranoia are good ways of going about a film noir film.

Examine how “Hard Boiled” is a film that uses elements from Film Noir.

-Dangerous woman

-Cops investigation

-Use of B/W filter > as Hard Boiled was created in the present. Evidence iPhone seen at 0:19 into film and use of social media, 0:56 seconds.

-American set

-American characters


-Slow panning camera movement

-Wide camera shots

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