The Square

Unwrapping the film:

The Square is a neo-noir thriller film directed by Nash Edgerton, written by his brother Joel Edgerton and Matthew Dabner, and starring David Roberts and Claire van der Boom.

Text = Art Film

Media Form = Feature Film

Genre = Neo Noir

Director (Nash Edgerton)= Independent Filmmaker

Audience = Niche

Institution = Independent

How is it an Australian Film: Australian wildlife, accents, colloquial language, low- mid: class cars (bogan feel) and homes, high bushland, long hair styles (mullet), violence, weapons and beer drinking

Ray and Carla: Two characters who are having an affair (with each other, neglecting his wife and her husband). Both mysterious, avoiding situations, reserved, she is stealing money from her boyfriend – has hope to run away with Ray.


Joel Edgerton wrote the script in eight years. He said that “I first wrote “The Square” as an idea in my early 20’s just, I had notebooks filled with thoughts and ideas about movies I wanted to write, but I never was a writer until I sat down to write a screenplay for Nash. It was this sort of jumbled mess of a thing I was trying to write for him, a crime caper story. As I started writing that, I sort of stopped at one point and started writing “The Square” as a different project with no director attached to it. Then at some point, when “The Square” started developing its first draft and then at subsequent drafts, I eventually did the old Indiana Jones switcharoo and was like, “Why don’t we just take this script away and put this one in its place because I think this is a more mature project for us to make.” Thankfully, he felt the same and so we basically put our focus into a new thing and that became The Square.”


In 2009, David Michod released the documentary, a 30 minutes behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Square, called Inside the Square.

By trentwhitworth

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