Blade Runner Podcast

Thursday, Sep 1, 2005 -> Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir

Classic Neo-Film Noir example:

  • Production Release – 1982
  • Not a successful film at the start
  • Now is an essential science fiction neo-film noir film
  • Has great cinematic techniques
  • Noir example: – Cigarette smoking – very common in this style
  • Dystopian, Futuristic, Urban environment (“based 40 years into the future but is seen as 40 years in the past”)
  • Includes a “Seductive women” and “The protagonist”
  • Plot: set in 2019, has robots that rebel – want “more life” <- Classic
  • Defects on characters – corruption – humans (wanting safety and reduction of fear) – robots (wanting more life)
  • The asking of deep personal questions – putting humans in a pressured position – suspense to outcome of event
  • Crime/murder
By trentwhitworth

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