Blade Runner – 1982 Film – Ridley Scott

Written text: Los Angeles 2019

Opening scene

-Dark, suspenseful music build up to a sci-fi flying airship

-Overlook (Camera – Bird eye view) of high tech futuristic infrastructure

-‘THE TEST’ – A series of questions asked in the form of a journey.

-The interrogated man [Leon] reveals a gun once asked to talk about his mother, this prevents to continue the ‘journey’

-American man (the ‘New Blade Runner’ – retired officer is asked to rejoin ‘the force’ – conducted by the ‘chief’) surrounded in asian culture (Outside Restaurant) Is asked a series of questions – some sort of importance

-The Chief says: “I need the old blade runner back,  i need your magic”

-Mystical music, revealing the surroundings of LA in more depth

-NEXUS (6-Gen) Robots – The ‘enemy’ of the film due to its developer

-Owl: significance of freedom, the ability to flee from problems or bad decisions

-Female character (Wearing large coat – Referring to as the ‘Coat woman’) greets the American. Just before she is asked to conduct the test to see what will be the effect, she asks “Do you mind if i smoke” (Very Film Noir). She is a very confident woman, who answers the ‘questions’ straight up.

-Bicycles are the alternative transportation other than the ‘car’ (wealth statement) Flying cars are more ‘wealthy’

-Costuming: Female ‘royalty’ – large coat. Males – casual suit

-The blade runner (American) lives in a mid class apartment, as it is not seen as ‘grand’, quite messy and unorganised. His car drives on the ground (as normal in todays time)therefore not so ‘grand’, viewed in the text.

-Certain ‘people’ are given other peoples memories

-Steam pours out from ‘the underground’ – very american and shares the film noir style

-Sad depressing Jazz music is played as we see a ‘poor’ woman who is dressed like a prostitute, walks to a cluster of bins and lays down under a pile of thrown out newspaper. She is in need of a ‘home’ and she is “an orphan”. Sebastian takes her in.

-Sebastians home style is just as bad but is still better as he lives indoors

-Photographs are being viewed over a piano by Deckard, for evidence, Slow motion footage of a majestical white unicorn – surrealist

-Paid phones have visual camera in them, for video calling

-Female Fatale – Film noir – Powerful, seductive (nude) female, distracts male on his job (investigation) and at the right time she is able to kill him or in this case, run away. She is then shot several times by the blade runner until she finally falls down and doesn’t get back up, this is shown in slow motion with jazz music. The surrounding citizens do not run in fear, they simply continue with their own tasks – could be due to the large amount of criminal activity.

-Ironic: the interrogated man from the start of the film dies after the ‘Coat woman’ [Rachel] shoots him, even though he said that the Blade Runner (Rick Deckard) was about to die. “Time for you to die!’ [Gun shot].

-The prostitute like woman (Pris) walks into the room where J.F. Sebastian is, full of make up, and calls in Roy Batty, and she kisses him.

-Sebastian is the creator of the Human Robots

-Chess game: Life is a game, you just have to play it right.

-Murder of Tyrell conducted by Roy, then goes after Sebastian

-Deckard has an incoming phone message from Pris, this causes him to go look for her.

-Cut scene of Deckard and Pris, (him entering the building – leading up to the scene where he finds Pris, standing still, posing as a mannequin.The close up shots of Pris become more intense, from a casual stare to twitching, to rolling back her eyes – surrounded by several other female toys in pink, however that masculine evil robot is laughing).

-Blade runner investigates the premisses of Sebastian’s apartment, very dark and blue lighting flashing over and over with heavy rain, he only finds the crazy prostitute looking woman (Pris), who has gone mad and begun to kill him, in the end he shots her three times, after the first she starts to spaz out, then dies after the third.

-Roy sees Pris’ dead body, kisses her on her lips – loss love.

– Roy speaks to Deckard – “Aren’t you a good man?”

-Extreme close up of gun as blade runner is hunting down Roy.

-Blade runner finds Roy in the apartment, he manages to get a hold of his hand, and damages his fingers on his right hand (Shooting arm)

-Roy returns to Pris, puts his hand into the blood pool, and wipes it onto his lips. He then howls like a wolf.

-The whole ‘chess game’ is been played here as Roy is giving the blade runner a chance at life to win.

-Blade runner enters a very dark looking bathroom where Roy enters through the wall, he clearly states “Thats the spirit” as he is been attacked. Roy continues to make this wolf sound every time he ‘wins’, cause Deckard left the scene.

-They both reach the rooftop, low camera angle revealing Roy as the more powerful being as Deckard is hanging off from the building that he jumped to. Close up of Roys face as he is now jumped over to the other side where Deckard is. “Quite an experience living in fear that is what it mans to live like a slave” – Roy just before Deckard falls, however Roy saves him, after a chat, Roy suddenly dies, “Time to die”, this is filmed in slow motion, he just ‘slowly’ falls to the ground.

-Police detective [we know this because he is wearing the classic detective police type outfit {Suit} and in the foreground there is a police hover car] – The man says: “Its to bad she [Rachel] wont live, but then who does?”

-Rachel is found lying on a table, with a cloth over her head, she awakens and kisses Deckard, [“Do you love me? I do. Do you trust me? Yes”] and they both walk out of the room.

-A shape of a unicorn made out of origami – silver metallic – robot like, was left on the floor. Repeat of audio “Its to bad she [Rachel] wont live, but then who does?” – Evidence of inserted memory, [how else would he know what the Unicorn is about, and its meaning of being left on the floor]. So he is a replicant.

End Scene

By trentwhitworth

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