A view on an issue/topic/text/genre that is depicted as a truth, whilst through change of time, dictates that ‘truth’ to be false or just incorrect.

-Eg1: Nazi Germany: Extermination of the Jews were the way that Adolf Hitler dictated to be the ‘only way for Germany’. In todays society we view this to be negative, as it is murder. So this ‘truth’ became incorrect through the changes of society.

-Eg2: Australian Colonisation: The British labeled the Aboriginal people as ‘less than human life, more towards the animal kingdom’. This statement has changed over time through society as the ideology has changed as the values of people have changed.

Ideology in Media Studies
Ideology is a difficult – but important – concept to grasp. Simply put, it is the ideas behind a media text, the secret (or sometimes not-so secret) agenda of its producers. It is important to be able to identify the different ideological discourses that may be present in even an apparently simple photograph.

In sociological terms, ideology is a body of ideas or set of beliefs that underpins a process or institution and leads to social relations. These sets of beliefs are those held by groups within society, and the prevalent ones are those held by the ruling/dominant groups.

Ideological Discourse
These are the issues/attitudes debated over in the Media which form part of the everyday ideological discourse in our society. The views taken on these subjects form the basis of our social rules and practice:

nationalism/national identity
left wing/right wing politics
public/personal reality
crime and punishment etc

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