Our values and attitudes towards a whole range of issues and people are largely determined by the cultural context in which they have grown up.

Our beliefs shape behaviour towards other people and attitudes towards particular groups and issues. These remain relatively constant, however they mature as you mature and your experiences become more diverse.

The Media DIRECTLY INFLUENCES our beliefs.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

Australian Cultural Beliefs: Mate-ship, egalitarian (equality) society, ‘she’ll be right’, beer drinking and outdoor meals

Ideology: refers to a shared set of ideas, beliefs and practices that enables a society to function in an organised way. It reflects the values of social groups who have power in a society. It has been described as a ‘collective myth’ because we draw from traditional ideas and stories when we think about groups of people or particular subjects. Even those ideas are no longer valid, we still tend to draw on the mythology rather than our knowledge of the way things really are.

Mythology: The complexity of the original story is lost through continued retelling until the myth has a simple, clear message that appears to be an eternal truth. It refers to the stories that the shape the way we see ourselves and our culture. The originate in truth but as they evolve they are characterised as much by what is not said as by the message itself.

Discourse: refers to a set of assumptions of a framework that shapes how we understand and respond in society. The social importance reflects the different ways that audiences think. The assumptions you make within a particular discourse reflect your beliefs and values and your ideological position on issues. In media terms this is referred as: Demographical Discourse.

Ideology and the Media: The concept of Ideology is integrated with mythology and discourse. Ideology is the BIG PICTURE within which mythology and discourse operate.

We are born into the life of the world as the media provides a constant reinforcement of our ideology through events, both legitimising it and making it seem the natural way of doing things in our society and lives.

Ideology can be represented in symbols: for example the Nazi symbol, as it is manipulating, towards the ‘German Race’ over the Jewish people. From the Church (1570s – 1960s (Catholic Church) to Politics (1930s-1940s (Hitler) , now-a-days the ideology is run by the Economy (2000’s – 2014 (The Individual).

By trentwhitworth

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