How to make a Film Noir

The above video explains the simple approach to creating a film noir film.

Film Noir has very limited editing required as its shots are mainly continuous. Editing can consist of black and white colour change and limited faded shots.

Shadows are a good way to represent a ‘dark presence’ or villain. The murder scene could be displayed in shadows, or even just a simple cop investigation, following the villain to the victim. Suspenseful music and Jazz, sets the scene well, if the setting is in the CBD. Overall it should be used anyway. Jazz is more suitable however for the CBD, and an increase usage of suspenseful music suits the outer suburbs, or open environment.

A film noir should have a transition from day to night, representing a day passing, and crime occurs at night. Day shots represent the mystery, the detective who follows up on his job, searching, locating the villain character.

A simple approach to editing is suitable for a film noir, a neo-noir would require more editing as it is a ‘re-newed’ version of a film noir, including colour to the typical black and white. An example of this can be viewed in the opening scene of Sin City.

By trentwhitworth

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