New Exam Extracts

The Cove: 28 Aug 2011

-Documentary (Environmental activists): hand held cameras

-Taiji Japan – The largest dolphin exporter in the world

-Dolphins: Slaughtering, Captivity: Sea World, Poor living conditions: trapped in their own excrement

-Boats ramming into dolphins

-1964: the release of Flipper – Ric O’barry – 1962 development, capturing of young female dolphins (as well in the current times, this still happens… hence this doco), voice over stating that it is negative however the footage is viewed as ok. Positioning of the Audience to side with what they hear over what they see.

-Stress causes dolphins to die… example the tank s were they are held (Sea World) produces a lot of sound… “dolphins are sensitive to sound.”

Elephant: (Phrase: Elephant in the room, the big issue that has been ignored or neglected until it is addressed at one point): American production.

-Teenagers (2) planning criminal activity through out a school, so calm as if it is a ‘walk in the park’ – loss of innocents and humanity of these kids

-Camera shot of FPS (First Person Shooter): game like, very relatable to kids.

-Enters damaged car – long interior shot, silence, heavy breathing, car engine note, build of tension without musical suspense

-Cut scene: entering school grounds, silence no one is visible inside

-Enters school library, the two guys kill (express no emotion, dehumanized) innocent people (stereotypical librarian or female nerd and another female just out of camera frame – we hear the scream), cut to reactions of students and those in the female toilet, cut end of scene.

By trentwhitworth

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