Exam Preperation for Wed 4th June

30% weighting

Time length: 3hrs

S1: Short answer 6 questions answer only 3 – 45 min time – worth 30/100 (10 marks each) – Bladerunner, The Cove, Elephant

S2: Extended answer 5 questions answer only 2 – 105 min time – worth 70/100 (35 marks each) – Any text studied in class

*Only write about the extract, do not focus on the entire film

Key Words: aesthetics, alternative and experimental media, naturalisation of stereotypes, ethics and censorship, media construction, values, protagonist, antagonist, production context, audience readings (different understandings: Dominate, Alternative, Resistance…), codes and conventions and narratives (SWAT Codes), financial constraints of the media, cultural identity, trends in the media and emerging media.

By trentwhitworth

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