“An ideology is a set of ideas and values that supports a particular social system or way of living.”

Ideologies aim to male people aware of unquestioned ideas so that they can consider alternative ways of thinking and acting. Once a dominate ideology is established, it is very difficult for people to escape its influence. Many film and television theorists argue that the core values in modern movies and TV shows also are ideological – that is, they represent the world in a way that supports the values and lifestyles of some groups whilst ignoring or closing off alternative viewpoints. By constructing an ideology, filmmakers can either follow the principle and make it dominate or create their own alternative ideology based on their knowledge and opinion. Ideologies can also form representations of people – a TV show/movie is able to construct an image or group of certain people, thus making a representation of those people by how they act, behave, think and through their appearance.

By trentwhitworth

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