1974 Documentary – Philippe Mora > Born in 1949 Paris, France then moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1951.

Opening scene:

  • Statistika rotating in space with german triumphant music in the background… the sound of marching.
  • Berlin, Germany 1933-1939
  • A vision of happy Germans passing each other in a uniform like, no sense of danger or fear as Hitler has not turned to a vision of negativity. The setting is clean and no panic arises.
  • Black and White footage suddenly changes to Colour as film was so important. So the Germans were capable of developing colour footage then the Americans (late ’50’s).
  • Hitler appears in a private German castle-like building, in colour.
  • Art and Culture was very important, but it had to be structured around Germany (the Nazi party mostly).
  • Several hundred and thousands of Germans gathered in the centered of Berlin, celebrating and praising the German party. Power has over taken the mind, and such today these Germans are blind to the horrible execution of the Jews.
  • Slow-motion montage of Hitler – shows his superiority – not really about Germany, all about his work and how he got into power.
  • Archival footage is mostly used and has the most power to manipulation.
  • Fireworks display of Hitler, his face and a sign “HAIL HITLER”.
  • Propaganda Minister – proud to present the German ideology.
  • Nazi merchandise was sold to the public to increase support over the current 700,000 of them.
  • Catholic religious songs such as silent night are played during the triumph – symbolising Hitler to be as good or better then God. Amen was replaced by “Hail Hitler” – prayer, was praised before eating meals.
  • The media such as the Radio is used to communicate and broadcast Hitler around the Europe.
  • After the loss of WW1, massive unemployment occurred, and so Hitler made sure that everyone had a purpose and worked, earning back the German pride of a strong community. ‘Go build roads, train tracks and buildings…we have to rebuild this country from the ground up’. – By this Hitler was building his Army.
  • Montage – Repetition of the same message being played over and over until it gets to the point of confusion. (An audible mess, distortion).
  • Slow-motion shot of achievement through patting on the back.


  • Berlin 1936 – The 12th Olympic Games (Experimenting with TV technology (one of the first broadcasts)
  • Jesse Owens wins the olympic event – not a good look for the German race.
  • The Germans are getting ready for WWII – Army, the beginning of Hitler wanting Europe to be German.
  • The training of German soldiers, and them writing home.
  • Sound effect of German soldiers marching (A brainwashing effect)
  • Juxtaposition – Hitler happy playing with child, cuts to poor jewish children begging.
  • First bit of footage outside of Germany. New York, USA jewish protest to the Nazi Party.
  • Albert Einstein flees to England. (Jewish German)
  • Destruction of poland, then Germany (1945) – Everything that Hitler built has been blown up. Nazi Germany is defeated. Echoing of german soldiers in slow motion – ghost like.
  • Shot of the jewish concentration camps… death.
  • Hitler announced dead.
By trentwhitworth

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