Photo Essay


Purpose Statement

Throughout time we have seen several issues within society and in various events there was nothing or no one to help reduce the issue. My view on society is always changing as so does society. This change can be for the better or for worse. In my case I have captured images of people living in poverty and who live in/suffer in poorness. This issue also has the potential to change, but there are limited people encouraging this to occur. As our whole world is aware of poverty, the minority are making change. Poverty has affected everyone in the same way that petrol prices or taxes have increased. People living in poverty don’t need to think about this, they would be thinking about the next day, if it could be better than the last or if they could ever get out of the poverty lifestyle. I have made an effort to capture four images of people living in Italy who suffer living through poverty, to show how this issue cannot be ignored. This chain reaction is what the rest of the world can fall into as poverty is still increasing. My intention is therefore to show the dramatic effects of what poverty can cause people to live like in todays society by targeting the target audience. You!


I have chosen to focus on just Italy for this task as there is more poverty found there, then in any other part of Europe that I’ll be touring. I will take four photos in four days, ranging sometime from the 14th – 18th of July. To express the emotions and intensity of the social issue, poverty and poorness, I have made sure that I would capture the emotions of these people to represent the intensity of their lifestyle. Using high angles would present the person as small compared to the world and a Low camera angle, eye level angle and an overhead angle are used to focus more on their lifestyle. These plans of mine should be able to enhance the issue as the effect will be just as powerful. Each photo will have some sort of emotions displayed and will contain only one person in the frame as they are the main purpose of the image.

Shooting Schedule

The 14th – 17th are the days where I will be in Venice, Rome, Florence and on the 18th it will be a drive by Pisa as from here I’ll be travelling to France. (There will be no photo of poverty around Pisa, the focus is only in Venice, Rome and Florence). The setting up process will need to be quick but still be effective as I need to demonstrate how difficult it would be to live in such poor conditions. I carry my tripod in my backpack along with all my other camera needs, if something is required, like extra batteries and such. My camera (Sony HDR-TD30VE) cost $1,140 from the sony shop online on sale, the retail price is $1,399. This camera has the capabilities of shooting 3D films and has a 3.5″ wide display screen which can play 3D films without glasses, even though it won’t be needed for this task I can still shoot 2D photos and film and 3D film in 20.4 megapixles, however once zoomed to x120, the resolution is minimised. So when I am at the locations for capturing my images, I have to make sure that the camera is ready (Not on 3D mode and corrected exposure) I can then take the photo in 5 minutes as being on tour is time scheduled.



Italy (Not central Venice) 14th July at 8:02 AM

Male entertainer, living a poor lifestyle on the back streets of Venice, collects money by moving everytime he gets a Euro.

This photo was taken quickly as a huge crowd was forming around me at this time. I quickly got my camera on and captured this photo as soon as I could. There are differences with what I had planned, like the camera angle and shot size could have been different, however, I think the photo was still successful. With no one else in the frame, the viewers are able to focus in the center of the image. The rule of thirds was well used for this image. I am very happy with the end result as it does show poorness in Italy.


Italy (Florence) 15th July at 10:43 AM

Woman kneeling, pointing into the distance as if there is hope in her future.

For this image I had more time and therefore I was able to get the right amount of lighting in the shot. This photo meets my planned idea as the wide shot captures the main focus and the surrounding of poverty and poorness. Wreaked walls and unclean floors make the location more lower class. The impact was made within this image as viewers can see the typical poverty lifestyle.


Italy (Not central Rome) 16th July at 12:26 PM

Male entertainer, trying to make a living by starting at the very bottom. Paying guitar for Euros.

This image was fairly easy to take as the tour stopped opposite this man so the people on tour could go to the restrooms. This gave me 10 minutes to make the ‘perfect’ photo. I placed my camera on the tripod and took this photo 3 times. Out of all three this one came out the best. The angle and shot size of the image is great as the viewers can see graffiti in the background, giving the negative thought of the mans surroundings. Everything went to plan for this image and meets the same standards that I set.


Italy (Florence) 17th July at 3:09 PM

Woman on hands and knees begging for Euros.

This photo was very rushed as the tour was about to get on the coach. Set up time was very limited and still i was able to get a good photo. The image shares some of the Script measurements but overall it is still a good shot. When I took this photo I do feel sorry for these people and also ashamed that I had to do this, but the target audience needs to see these peoples lifestyles.


13th (1)

“The Phantom of the Poorness”

Focus of the Edit: Adding special Effects such as Black and White colour and Blur.

Effect Purpose: Gives the viewers a sense of darkness and coldness. The blur makes the viewers focus on the man.

Script Changes: No Changes.

Improvements of image: With the effects the image shows more poorness.

How to do better: Capture at night time, so there could have been a dark glow.

Software: Aperture.


“Melted Hopes”

Focus of the Edit: Adding special Effects such as Liquify.

Effect Purpose: The melting effect makes the viewers feel torn and worn as the effect creates a depressing feel.

Script Changes: No Changes.

Improvements of image: With the effects the image shows more poverty.

How to do better: Capture her facial expression.

Software: Photoshop.

15July (1)

“Guitar man Redeemer”

Focus of the Edit: Adding special Effects such as Vignette and Enhanced colours.

Effect Purpose: The image was left in colour as the mans bright orange pants draws attention to himself and the viewers.

Script Changes: No Changes.

Improvements of image: With the effects the image shows more poorness.

How to do better: Cannot say.

Software: Aperture.


“Weeping Woman”

Focus of the Edit: Adding special Effects such as Black and White.

Effect Purpose: The simple B/W effect makes the viewers aware that poverty is a historical issue. (Past, Present and soon Future).

Script Changes: No Changes.

Improvements of image: With the effects the image shows more poverty.

How to do better: Capture facial expression.

Software: Photoshop.


  1. I believe that I have demonstrated a good use of Photoshop and Aperture software effects and can clearly point out the enhanced differences used to manipulate the social issue of Poverty and Poorness. I feel confident and very proud about the work submitted, however, the post-preduction information could have been done a bit better than just dot points.
  2. I believe the pre-production is just as great as the production and post-production and follows the script nearly perfectly. The purpose statement may be a bit full-on but that was how I intended it to be. I knew that the shooting schedule would be difficult to properly fill out because the 4 images that I took were during a tour around Europe. The context was stated.
  3. Like I said in my purpose statement, the target audience is every human person on Earth as they need to be aware of the social issue, Poverty and Poorness. I think I addressed this issue well, as my images prove that there is poverty still roaming the world. By addressing the target audience we all can see the lifestyle of peoples struggling lives.
  4. This evaluation allowed me to properly speak about the social issue and make a slight difference. By seeing other peoples lifestyles we can improve by helping them. Donations and charities open a new door for these people and I have seen and done this through the use of this task and the evaluation.

It was very difficult to take these photos as a young photographer I do feel bad for taking these images of peoples lifestyle.


Taking 4 photos of the Social Issue – Poverty and Poorness

-Beggars trying to earn money
-People kneeling with Pain
-Praying for Mercy

How will I take these photos of people?

As I will be touring Europe it becomes difficult to take a photo quickly. However this project needs to be perfect so I will contact the coach driver to allow an extra 5-10 minutes so I can get out my tripod and shoot some great photos of the best parts of the world.

Anything Special?

I plan to name my photos after the edits of what is seen and unseen.

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